Fraternal Order of PoliceNew Jersey Labor Council
Nevin Mattessich, Chairman of the Board 

New Jersey Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council is pleased to announce:

The Hillside Police Department took drastic action against a member of Lodge 82, Hillside POA. The Chief went after one of our members for actions that clearly did not need to be addressed. The Chief attempted to terminate an officer who was injured and supplied the department and the township medical records clearly indicating that she suffered from an injury.The Chief disregarded X-Rays and doctors’ notes and medical records and decided this officer needed to be terminated.

Our sister was served with charges and the Chief advised that he was going for termination of the officer. The Labor Council was called in immediately and met with our sister. The Labor Council took immediate action and demanded a meeting with the Mayor and her staff. Our Executive Director Sean Lavin and Staff Representatives Ron Bakley and James Sepp put together an attack on this horrendous attempt to discredit a good officer.

After a meeting with the Mayor and her staff it was determined that the actions of the Chief were not valid and the officer was immediately cleared from this witch hunt. The officer received a letter in her file indicating that these actions against her were unfounded and the investigation is cleared from her file.

The members of FOP Lodge 82 and especially their President, Michael Flowers, took immediate and swift action. The combination of their determination and the FOP NJ Labor Council took care of the problem. We are pleased to announce that our sister from Lodge 82 was made whole. The FOP Labor Council is committed to defend, support and protect the rights of our members.