2020-08-17 – 2020-08-21 all-day
Hilton Rose Hall
NJ FOP Lodge 2
  • Hilton Rose Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica.
  • Registration will begin on Monday 8/17 from 2pm-5pm and resume at 8am Tuesday.
  • As per the conference bid there is a $100 per Delegate/Alternate registration fee to the State Lodge payable to NJFOP. This fee must be paid prior to credentials being issued to the local lodges. When we receive the registration Credentials will be mailed back to you to fill out and return the yellow copy back to the State Lodge. Your delegates will then be preregistered. We urge you to preregister it will expedite the process.
  • Your delegate total is 1 delegate for every 50 members or the greater portion thereof, plus 1 additional for the state trustee. Example: 10-75 member lodge would get 2 delegates, 1 for the total members and 1 for the trustee. 76-125 members would get 3 delegates, 2 for the total members and 1 for the trustee.
  • Arrival day is Monday August 17th and we will be doing onsite registration of delegates/alternates. Per the bylaws, delegates must be registered by the end of the meeting on Tuesday in order to vote.
  • Burlington County Lodge 2 is the host lodge for this convention. They will be at the March & June Board of Directors meetings to answer any questions.
  • A reminder that you need a valid passport to travel.
  • Shuttle to and from the hotel is not included in the hotel price and you should very seriously look at the Travel Insurance offered or some other type especially for Medical situations.

The 36th Biennial Convention hotel registration, shuttle reservation and insurance is available at the below link.


Contact the State office if you have any questions.

Link to the Hotel webpage.